"I create seeking to explore the visual relationships between the materials in creating new forms."


Ricardo Arango

Ricardo Arango uses various media in his sculptures such as ceramics, glass, marble and steel. Arango sometimes explores the combination of all these different elements in one piece. His work highlights the beauty of each material as he places the diverse materials in unique arrangements. There are soft edges, sharp points, rounded forms, vibrant colors and Arango maintains a steady commitment to composition throughout his process. He says, "The diverse qualities of materials excite my imagination such as the flexibility of clay, the rigidity of metal and the fluid nature of fired glass. I create seeking to explore the visual relationships between the materials in creating new forms." Inspired by the sculpture of Anthony Caro, Louise Nevelson, Omar Rayo and David Smith, Arango creates his own concepts with an underlying interest in uplifting the spirit of his audience.

Selected Exhibitions

ASL – Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery 2008-2016

BWAC - Brooklyn New York 2008-2010

Berry Hill Gallery 2009

Bridge Gallery – New York - 2010

Emporium Gallery NYC 2012-Present

Prestige Gallery - New York 2014 -Present

 Lincoln Center  Art Fair, NYC 2014 - 2016

Nova Antigua Gallery Pelham NYC  2014-2015


Macy Gallery, Teachers College/Columbia University 2014-2016

City arts Gala Exhibition NYC 2015-2016

American Fríends Of Museums in Israel Gala Exhibition 2015-2016

River Front Gallery-Yonkers Public Library NYC 2016

BelkindBiGi Gallery-Tarrytown NYC 2016

Michael Christopher Antiques-Tarry Town NYC 2016

Sculpture Alliance-Governors Island NYC 2016

Blue Door Gallery Yonkers NYC 2016

Montclair Art -Crafts fair NJ 2016


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Norton Museum, West Palm Beach, 2009

Sagamore Hotel Art Basel - Miami Fl 2009- Present

Barry-Hill Gallery/Palm Beach Art Fair2010

NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) 2011

Bridge Gallery NYC 2010

Mark Humphrey Gallery, Southampton, NYC  2010

Rutgers University,  Brodsky Center Gala Exhibition 2011

BrinkerhoffFine Art, Miami Fl 2010-2012

Contessa Gallery, Cleveland Oh, 2012

DeBuckGallery, NYC 2013

Architectural Digest Home Design Show NYC 2015